Patch notes, version 1.50.2

We released a hotfix to address some annoying bugs.


  • Some nature atrezzos were being displayed pitch black.

  • Occasionally big platforms/atrezzos could be placed with unallowed rotations.

  • Android: Purchases now refresh accordingly.

Patch notes, version 1.50

Those are the patch notes for the release 1.5 of SkCombat. The major changes are 2D tokens, hot swap and image uploads on the server for easier sharing of the maps.


  • Tokens 2D : You can now create custom 2D tokens with images uploaded to the web. Just put the URL in the token and it will display the image. We will release a video explaining this feature in detail.

  • When uploading a map on the cloud with the Share function, it will generate a small image and a series of links (BBCODE, URL, iFrames) so you can share your map more easily with your gaming buds.

  • We have changed the colour of HP bars on tokens, now it's easier to identify when a token is at half HP and temporary HP over the maximum show in purple.

  • You can now place tokens on more places, even overlapping other tokens (so you can place a small token underneath a giant one). This is a previous step to implementing more varied grids.

  • Areas can be created with complex patterns and still be counted as a single area.

  • You can now change between Play and Edit modes without losing tokens or areas (FoW settings may get lost). Which makes easier to make small adjustment to maps or add secret doors and traps.

  • We have added new attachments (on the token properties window) and colours to existing ones.

  • Smoke, water and air particles are now affected by light making them more believable and integrated with the maps.

  • We have created a new notification system that inform you of events without molest confirmation boxes. They will show discretely on the bottom of the screen and close themselves after a small amount of time.

  • The Wisp and Floating Ball token now have spawn and death animations.

  • While painting tilesets you can now cross grid boundaries without having to be careful to not touch the "void".

  • Standalone and Web versions of SkCombat can now use CTRL key in addition to middle mouse button to change zoom and rotation.

  • Added Graphic settings for Low, Medium and High values which greatly improve lighting

  • .


  • When resizing a map, atrezzos got misplaced.

  • While painting, tool markings on the grid sometimes showed wrong.

  • Creek base (Nature I) particles didn't work correctly.

  • Wall torch (Nature I) didn't have light.

  • High grass (Nature I) wouldn't show in the thumbnail preview.

  • Soil wall(Nature I) and various other where being drawn in black. We taught them brightest colours are fine too.

  • When moving tokens their name didn't follow them until the user moved the camera position.

  • Revised Wisp particles not showing correctly.

  • Shadows where not properly showing under certain conditions in the web browser.

  • When loading a map, names now are enabled by default.

  • Token properties window can be opened from the Token list.

  • GUI Fix for small tokens.

  • When loading a map with FoW, hidden tokens didn't work properly.

  • Fixed navigation bar on tileset library window when changing tiles via picker tool.

  • Login procedures for Standalone and Web versions have been reworked for a more streamlined experience.

  • Female token believed axes were hats. We have taught them how to properly wield an axe.

And countless other minor fixes, GUI changes and small features we lose track about in the mid of programming frenzy ...